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Since the introduction of polyurethane architectural features nearly thirty years ago, their usage has increased dramatically. When we began making these parts at CDM, we would not consider making simple, straight run mouldings in polyurethane; instead, we concentrated on features which would be very labor intensive and costly if made in wood.

Many people would not leave wood to buy a product they did not understand. Now, 18 years later, the outstanding durability of CDM polyurethane mouldings has been proven. Knowledgeable builders and homeowners are demanding that ordinary exterior trim such as brick moulding be made of polyurethane. They are tired of painting or replacing wood every few years and CDM is simply the logical choice.

The secret of polyurethane is its closed cell structure which makes it very stable and keeps moisture from migrating behind coatings. Moisture migration causes serious problems in wood trim, promoting paint failure and rot. Because of the closed cell structure of CDM polyurethane, paint tends to last longer and not be lifted off by moisture.

CDM is very durable. It resists chemical attack and severe weather conditions including salt water exposure. CDM is impervious to insects and does not rot. CDM is environmentally safe, containing no atmosphere damaging